my strangely disturbing cracked cup. photo by author.

kāyānupassanā (contemplation of the body).


unfortunately, i forgot to stretch
and dislocated something in my arm;
the repercussions of an instant’s harm
can last, at my age, ages - bend to fetch
the newspaper and… snap. i’m now the wretch
who tears a muscle hitting the alarm;
too late, i’m learning movement’s merits - charms
i missed by skipping gym and games of catch.

i’m now more mindful that i’m made of dung
and hair, intestines, kidneys, teeth and wind -
decaying and revolting, though unseen;

of diaphragm and marrow, kidneys, lungs,
saliva, mucus, urine, tendons, skin;
of sweat and phlegm; of bile, blood, and spleen.

alex guenther. interview here and book here.



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